Cross-Border Tax

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Cross-Border Tax Services

International business activities are commonplace in today’s market. Global efforts to reduce trade barriers have considerably simplified business transactions. By contrast, tax legislation has not been able to keep apace with this deregulation trend. In other words, each country continues to have its own set of taxation laws. As a result, even the import and export of goods or services gives rise to significant tax issues, which must be examined in close detail. Many tax-related processes with other countries are governed by complex bilateral accords (double taxation agreements). As a company expands its activities abroad, thereby creating cross-border struc-tures, it simultaneously increases the range of tax-related issues it faces.

Questions relating to such issues as optimum profit repatriation, appropriate internal cross-charging rates and correct social insurance contributions must be answered in consultation with the local tax authorities. In this context, experienced international tax advisors can play a major role in ensuring that a com-pany does not have to learn the hard way. Thanks to our companies and networks, our tax specialists enjoy worldwide access to qualified contact people.

Our services in this area include:

  • Transfer pricing (see international transfer pricing)
  • Tax efficient structure design for doing business overseas
  • Work with a group of highly regarded  tax advisors to implement a cross border tax strategy
  • Expatriate tax services and tax equalization calculations
  • Departure tax planning
  • Planning of cross-border company structures
  • Tax-optimised financing structures
  • Definition of cross-border deliveries and services (sales tax, import duty)
  • Creation of cross-charging structures within the Group