International Tax and Family Office Seminar

International Tax and Family Office Seminar


We are delighted to welcome our clients to an international tax seminar, in November, addressing opportunities to structure investments from a corporate and family office and family business perspective.


There are ways of cutting costs when investing abroad and direct investment from one country to another does not always achieve optimum savings.


One has to take into account dividends, interest, royalties and capital gains.


One also has to take into account long term objectives.


Is it an objective to accumulate reserves for reinvestment?


This conference looks at the world of cross-border tax issues from a European perspective. It looks at holding company locations. It looks at fiscal traps; it looks at “substance”.


We will be updated on ways of investing into real estate in France.


Investing in BRICS and other emerging economies which constitute the core worldwide economic engine for growth fuelled by demographic megatrends and real consumption is paramount  is into and out of Brazil, Russia, India and China needs to be looked at.


Some tax treaties are better than others. In this context should we be looking at Spain or Madeira for Brazil, Cyprus for Russia, Mauritius for India and Hong Kong for China?


Classical holding companies with tax exemptions are not the only way to make investments. What about the semi regulated funds for sophisticated investors such as the SIF in Luxembourg and the PIF in Malta?


We do hope our clients will find the various sessions interactive and useful and ample time has been set-up for peer discussions and network opportunities.


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